Saturday, March 15, 2008

Obama ~ Yo Mama.......

It's so easy to tell when a political candidate is lying. uh...well.... uh... I.... can't actually say..... uh..... that .....uh..... if I knew....uhhhhhhhhh

Barock Hussein Obama -2 Words- Game Over

America doesn't want a president that was raised in a church that Hates America and White people or any race but African for that matter. People with integrity don't run for president when they have skeletons of Hitler and Kadaffi in their closets. The most interesting question I heard this weekend was "Who released the videos?" I'm betting it's member of the Clinton Campagne.

Fox news was absolutely brilliant last night with a panel of "Democrats" discussing the story. Democrats handle this sort of thing with such hate and anger, and Fox put Ari Fleischer (former Clinton press Secretary, in with a Democrat Strategist and an editor from the Washington Post. It was the best Pitbull fight I had seen in years. I think even Alan Colms was a bit embarrassed to be a democrat last night.

It will be an ugly site to watch the press (who loves Obama) look for ways to cut him down to size and send back to his slum lord clients.

I think at the same time, since the prize is just the Democrat nomination, we should expect to see "Whitewater"/"Lewinski"/"Vince Foster" come out in High Definition before the Pennsylvania primaries. (If Barock doesn't resign) Some say Barock should resign from the senate.

Personally, I'm sad to see this happen as I enjoyed the vitriol between the 2 candidates. It was better than Ali vs. Frazier. Democrats play mean and nasty. Who knew they would eat their own with such furociousness?

Maybe Joel Lieberman?

Ace out..............


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