Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Television and Politics....................

2 years ago, Californians elected Arnold Swarzzenegger as Governor and recall Gray Davis. Gray Davis was systematically driving business out of California like the dust bowl drove Oakies out of Oaklahoma.

In an attempt to fix California's ailing Economy, Gov S was forced to call a special election. An election that would have Improved Schools for our children, (prop 74) made Union leaders be accountable for how union dues were spent (prop 75), Made California spend within it's budget (prop 76) and forced redistricting so politicians couldn't pick their own voters (prop 77) .

Californians suckered into a multi-million dollar blitzkried (130 million) of TV ads that were paid by Unions, political special interest groups and Friends of politicians.

To quote Arnold. "You wanted me as your governor to fix the broken system. Now you can recall the broken system."

Arnold, you needed to do a movie about it. "The late, great, state of Cah-lee-fone-yuh ..............

Maybe you can save the state in a movie. It's a sad day to be a Californian.

A Sad Day Indeed.



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