Friday, November 11, 2005

Idiocy is alive and sick in San Francisco...........

Proposition H was passed by the voters of the city of San Francisco. Proposition H required all Handgun owners to surrender their 2nd amendment rights to the police. EVEN off duty Policemen can not carry or own Hand guns.

What is the mentality behind this? Only the good guys obey laws. If you disarm the good guys, how does that make crime go down? Sure, maybe an accidental killing once every 40 years may be avoided, but the word is now out. Go to San Francisco to hold up people. They're defensless.

Or am I wrong? Will all the gang members be lined up down at city hall to hand in their glocks. uzis and Mac 10s? Then we can have this Utopian society where nobody can kill anyone. Because MURDER IS ONLY COMMITTED WITH HAND GUNS. (by law abiding citizens).

You people in San Francisco will have deserved the wave of violent gun crime that is headed your way.

Ace out............................


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