Monday, March 09, 2009

FRED Part 2

Well, not being one to get into crazy and weird ideas, I have a greater fear.

How he managed to get into the oval office, whether it was "just" coincidence or by design, Obama basically has no real obstacles or barriers. And a lot of liberals are taking advantage of the momentum. Sort of the wolves picking off the outer meat.

He is playing down the market to get it to respond the way he wants to. Not that the market needs much persuasion, it’s like a bunch of sheep and listens to everything anyone says that’s bad, but that plays to his hand.

Obama is not someone who is trying to get this country on its feet, its clear he wants it down. He has us watching one of his hands, while the other is picking our pocket so to speak, in other words a lot of this is just noise to keep us busy with complaining and posturing ourselves, while he is doing something else, the real agenda.

I don’t think for one minute he has the intelligence to find his way out of a paper bag, let alone design something this complex, he is just the puppet.

As I see it ... His strategy is to confuse, divide and conquer. He is creating a situation which eventually will cause civil unrest, which will incite the public; or at least in his version of civil unrest.
There will be just enough civil unrest for him at some point to have reason to invoke Marshall Law, the one thing he needs to complete his plans. I might add there is no doubt in my mind he is a completely dedicated Muslim.

Once marshal law is in effect, we are done. He can suspend all elections and take absolute control. Then you will see what the other hand has been doing in secret.

A very short version of a scenario, but consider the personality type he has and how the cards are laid out. The majority still doesn’t get it. And when they do, it will be too late because while they will be asking what happened it will already have happened. It's called the element of surprise.
We need to find the other hand and see what it is doing…I've heard its Soros.


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