Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My New Friend Davio

During the last presidential election, I use to get really upset when I would enter my local grocery store because of this African American gentleman that was exuberent about BHO. Even today he told me how Hussein was the most important person in the world. You see, Davio views Hussein as "The chosen one". I did my best to avoid him and not let him get to me. It's hard because he sits out front of the store entrance with every possible BO image/souvinir/t-shirt ever made which you can own for a sizable donation.

Well today, we actually fought in a civil manner. But Davio let it slip that he use to be a member of the velvedeers. A Doo-Wop group in the 50's. I aksed him if he had done the "chitlin" circuit and got an emphatic "hell ya".

From there we talked about Jackie Wilson and Sam Cook, the Reverend Richard Pennimen (little Richard) Sly and the Family Stone,Ike and Tina and on and on and on until I had to say, "I gotta go, the Ice cream is melting". It was a wonderful conversation. We exchanged I love you's when I left and I honestly felt the sincerity. I left with a great feeling of turning an annoyance into a friendship.

Sometimes you just have to keep your opinion to yourself for the sake of friendship.

Ace out.........


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