Saturday, February 14, 2009

Disappoint turns to Anger Turns to Gratefulness

Three people in New Orleans were disappointed Thursday night to find that their flight from N.O. to Buffalo was delayed 3 hours. The three were rerouted to another flight later after they exchanged their tickets on flight 3407 (connecting in Newark) to a different route.

Message:Sometimes delays can save your life.

Many of you will remember my story of how a car that took a LONG time to make a left turn in front of me saved my life. The delay was usual in this town,but it got on your nerves. Some towns don't require people do drive like they do in metropolitan cities. (Just drive in Boston; you'll see what I mean) But the car finally makes the left turn allowing the rest of us to pass. The 2nd car in Front of me was crushed by a falling telephone pole.

Learn to be patient and grateful.

Ace out.............................


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