Friday, February 13, 2009

Clarence Center/Buffalo Plane Crash

My take on this devastating tragedy in no way denigrates those who lost their lives. I respect free will. They decided to fly in winter conditions to get home or to their point of destination sooner. May God be with them.

My Advice to Every One: Don't Challenge Mother Nature.

I learned in the early 90's when I was traveling so much I felt more at home in a United Terminal than my domicile, that you can almost always get a flight out in GOOD weather.

If you've ever been driving in southern California on I-5 and hit a blanket of solid Fog, you'll find yourself driving on FAITH. That's not a good driving advantage. Fog, geese and collapsing bridges are some the conditions you can't always avoid. But even if the airports start moving planes; don't fly until the storm leaves. Don't "head over the pass" in your car until the snow storm is gone.

It's not worth it.

Ace out.............


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