Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Unbelievable - YES

I remember in 1996 I heard Rick Wakeman in an interview talking about the longevity of the band YES. He said, sometimes I think this band will continue to perform long after I'm dead.

He was talking about the many personel changes over the years. Now I wouln't exactly put them up there with the Temptations or "Menudo" as far as replacements go, but just 4 years ago I went to see YES with the well known quintet of Anderson/Howe/Wakeman/White/Squire.

Apparently Jon Anderson's health has been an issue the last couple of years and get this: Yes found a replacement (temporary) for Anderson on YOUTUBE. Damn, how come I never get that phone call? Anyway, the rookie is Benoit David. And as you can tell in this video, He's a fricken clone of Jon Anderson. And Ironically, Rick Wakeman's son is on Keyboards for his dad. lol


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