Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good Bye 2008 ~ Hello 2009

This night is the one night when one can determine their age of maturation. For some, it's EVERY Saturday night. But when you get to be a certain age, you stop defining your self by what new years eve plans you have. If you are home and in bed by 10pm, you're a real loser. (If you're in your early 20's) If you're older and happy; tomorrow is just another day. One you'll be able to appreciate if you wake up without a pounding hang over. Or heaven forbid, you wake up in the drunk tank at the county correctional facility. Now all my life I've managed to avoid the latter. (Not because I didn't deserve to be there) I owe my guardian Angel a great deal of gratitude. Fortunately I never did anyone any physical harm and I again I thank God and His angels for that.

These days, I'd rather stay home and watch reruns of CSI and Law and Order than risk being pulled over into a check point only to find a fume of C6H208 on my breath. I don't think I could pass one of those drunk tests while sober, let alone after a couple a beers.

Tonight I pray that nobody gets killed by a drunk driver. I pray that nobody I know gets pulled over and thrown in the tank. (as that changes your life forever) I pray that those that I love and care for, have boring New Years Eves like me. And like me, will wake up tomorrow like any other day with a clear mind, body and soul.

While we're at it, I pray that SONY decides to send me the following email:

Dear Ace Andres,

We've been watching your development as an artist and would like to fly you to Los Angeles to discuss a long term recording deal. You'll be staying at the Ritz-Carlton in Marina Del Rey where our A&R team will meet you and discuss your needs.
Please contact the Monterey airport ticket counter for your first class accomidations.

We Look forward to meeting you in the coming week. Have a safe and Happy New Years Eve.


Howard Stringer

Now THAT would be a Happy New Year.

Ace out............


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