Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas/Boxing Day Message

Two important Ideas I want you to keep in mind for the New Year and for Years to come. I learned these Ideas from Bob Proctor. They're very simple. Some would say just common sense. My favorite speaker Stephen Covey would say, common sense is rarely common practice.

Idea #1.

I can't be free until I can be ME. Then Bob goes on to say, not the ME my Wife wants me to be. Not the ME my kids or friends want me to be. But the ME I want me to be. How do you discover WHO that ME is? Another one of my favorite speakers is Matthew Kelly. Matthew talks about doing what you love. And that is something that you do that puts you into a state of "Timelessness". A Time Warp.

For Me, it's playing and singing guitar. I've been told that when you watch me play, you can feel the enjoyment I'm feeling from playing.

Don't spend your physical life experience dreaming about what you enjoy doing.

Idea #2.

Everybody is in this "Life Experience" for themselves. As in "WIFM" (What's in it for Me?) When you approach others with that expectation, you'll see that you not only get along better, but they admire you for having their best interest in mind. I know it sounds greedy and self centeredd, but it's true. If we don't take care of ourselves, how can we add anything to others?

So keep those 2 simple principles in mind.

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day Canada.

Ace Out..............


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