Thursday, November 20, 2008

My God can beat up Your god..........

I did something fascinating today. I listened to a radio sermon by Paul Shepherd and every time Pastor Paul said "God", I thought of how it would resonate with the words Source or Source Energy.

In essence, I compared the Christian's higher power to the Pagan's higher power.

In many instances the references were interchangeable. Such as "When xxxxxxxxx is ready to deliver you; you better be ready.


The Christian higher power "GOD" can only be used when the term Love is inserted. For example, "Source" does not "Love" me. The Christian "God" does. Source does not have a plan for my life. Source is not there to comfort me when I fall on hard times. The Christian God promises He will.

The Pagan higher power "Source" will "manipulate" the universe to make my thoughts become reality. *note: whether I want it to or not. The pagan higher power is not omniscient as the Christian God is. In fact; The author of "The Law of Attraction" in Canada "Michael Losier" states:"The Universe isn't very smart, but it is extremely obedient".

Now contrast this. In 1996 I recall Garth Brooks releasing an album and in an interview, Garth states:"Sometimes God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers".

Think about it. How many times have you wanted something that you were so sure was the right thing for you, only to find out that something better was just around the corner?

This brings up the concept of Will. What do I mean by Will? Will is the end result of determination. What determines our behavior? There are 3 clinical explanations for what "determines our behavior". (Not influences, there is a big difference between determination and influence)

Determination = I've made up my mind and this is what I am going to do.

Influence = If I do this, I can expect this to happen according to these factors.

What are the factors? Sociology claims man is determined by 3 factors:

Environmental determinism OR I was born in the ghetto so I'll never be rich.

Genetic determinism OR I'm Irish so I have an quick Temper.

And Psychic determinism OR "That's just how I am". I'm a late sleeper, Type B etc...

The TRUTH that sociology has to acknowledge is that these factors INFLUENCE your behavior ONLY.

As citizens of the free world, we have what is called "Free Will".

So that entitles us to replace the word "OR" with "Even though", then the opposite.

Such as "Even though I'm Irish, I freely choose to keep my cool when people test me".

So back to YOUR Will. Does the Universe have a Will for YOU? NO! Does the Christian God have a WILL for you? If you want to accept it!

That's the difference. Who's right and who's wrong? I don't think either are. The choice is yours. Is the Universe or Source Energy your God? If so, then let your will be done. Remember, as Michael Losier states, the Universe isn't very smart. So be advised that your God is a stupid genie. Is your higher source the God of Abraham, Moses and Israel (and Father of Jesus) Then let your WILL be God's Will. Be prepared to suffer in the short run (this life) but lay aside in store for your future in Heaven or the Ether.

Is there only one god? Absolutely not. One of the ten commandments is:"Thou shalt have no other gods before me".

So you have many gods to choose from. Many people worship money as their god. In some pathetic cases; people worship emotional pain as their god. You can worship Allah, Buddha, Obama, The NFL, The Sun, The Son or your spouse. It's your free will and your responsibility. All of these gods have a common denominator, faith.

You are not 100% sure that even if you rid yourself of limiting beliefs, that you'll get that new car. ,or if you kill an American Infidel will you go to "Paradise" and screw 72 virgins? You believe that you will and that is called faith. A small amount of faith is equal to a large amount of belief. (I've read)

Which brings us to the ultimate question. WHAT IF I'M WRONG? I think in trusting in a god, you really need to consider, WHAT IF I'M WRONG? If I'm wrong about Christianity, I miss out on the 72 old maids. If I'm wrong about Christianity, I might have to come back to earth (or some form of incarnation) until I get it right.
If I'm wrong about the 49ers, there's always next year. (well until 2011)

My point is, the single most important thing in your physical life experience is your free will. Use it wisely.

Ace out..................


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