Monday, December 01, 2008

The Hitlers I've known

Whether it is a megalomaniac that has a title, or the moderator of a cheesy chat board, Hitlers are Hitlers.

I had always thought that it was myth that the Germans and Allies in Europe stopped and ceased firing during Christmas. There's a song by Garth Brooks called Belleau Wood. The lyrics are cheesy as well until you realize they are true. In 1914 The German and French Armies laid down their rifles and actually played soccer with each other. They sang Christmas carols.

This made a young private Hitler burn with anger.

I've known many Hitlers. They are still out there. They will do their best to seize opportunity to wreak havoc and control anything or anyone they can get their hands on.

Don't think it can't happen. It didn't take Hitler very long to go from a young private enlisted man, to the Furor of the third Reich. And he didn't come in the form that we remember him as. Hitler came to power as a charismatic answer. He probably would have been a good insurance salesman. He saw opportunity and he took it. Like Saddam Hussein, he seized power and killed the opposition within his own ranks.

I've known Hitlers. They run surgery centers and retail stores. They compete in sales. They fight for the family inheritance. They take all they can when they divorce their spouses.

I've known Hitler.


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