Sunday, February 15, 2009

American Crooners

Any singer in America that really wants to call himself a singer needs to challenge a classic crooner song from the 30's to the 60's. Unfortunately, Rock and the counter culture killed the crooner in the 70's.

But if you look back into the early sixties, you can find great songs that will put a chill in anyone with a warm heartbeat. These songs are hidden away, forgotten and tucked in like hidden jewels.

If you want a Crooner starter Kit let me give you a list of songs to search for on Youtube:

Indian Love cry
Blue Moon
It Had To Be You
Return to Me
Heaven(Dancing cheek to cheek)
I've got a crush on you
The way you look tonight
La Paloma
Anything Dean Martin
Most things Sinatra
Lots of things Elvis from the movies.*(these are gems I spoke of tucked away)

Now go do your homework and take your mind off of plane crashes.

Ace out..............


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