Sunday, April 20, 2008

D.I.V.O.R.C.E Became final today........

When Tammy Wynette was singing a beer crying song back in the sixties when she sang a song about getting divorced and how she had to spell it out for the K.I.D.

Today, divorce is a common as wisdom teeth being pulled. But if everybody that got divorced were childless parents, the trend would still be appauling but not tragic. I'm not going to throw a bunch of statistics at you to try and prove my point, because the atheists and heathens in the opposition will come up with hideous stats to try and negate the horror that is known as divorce. I have a pleathora of stats that show the effect of single parenting on children. In essence, children, are being raised by television and even worse,computers or computer games.

Why is the government and all the liberal leftists so worried about global warming and a green earth. The truth is, there is very little we can do as a person to effect the temperature of our atmosphere. I'm not going to argue whether Global warming exists or if it does, whether we need to be worried about it. Remember; anthropologists and meteorologists tell us that we've been through 2 ice ages already. We must have had some serious global warming the first and 2nd time around.

A corrupted mind of a child due to parental hatred and instability is something that we (as a person) can do something about. You don't need to have the statistics of children of single parent families that reside in federal and state penatentaries shoved in your face. It's no wonder the newest generation is called Generation Y. As in Generation Why? What's the point. What are the odds, not chances, of a child from a single parent home graduating from college and making an upper income? Compare that to a child of 2 loving nurturing parents that are supportive. Our country is becoming a country of emotionally damaged children that have grown up with some serious bagage. These "dependents of divorced parents" are the future of America. Is it any wonder nobody trusts politicians or even priests? What you reap is what you sow America.

I promised myself I would keep these segments short, so just chew on this till tomorrow.

Ace out...............


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