Thursday, April 17, 2008

Choose To Be Successful

The Idea of determination says that man has free will and can "Choose his behavior". I firmly believe that with the power of positive thinking, man can choose his outcome.

Scenario 1. years ago I use to drive a tour van through San Francisco. I would take a group of visitors to Coit tower, Lombard street, Fisherman's wharf and eventually the cliff house and the Pacific Ocean.

One of the favorite attractions of Fisherman's wharf in the late 70's was Pier 39. It is sort of a pier/shopping mall of souvineres and restaraunts. The traffic and parking in Fisherman's wharf is the worst on the planet. And a phrase hit me that stuck with me to this day. And to this day, I get great parking ALL the Time.

Scenario 2. Christmas shopping in any mall USA. On the Friday after Thanksgiving, most mall parking lots are packed solid. You can see some interesting road rage figts and hear intense colorful language all in the name of a parking space.

The phrase that changed my life and I didn't even know it was: "Ya know, the parking is so crappy here, that it's just as easy to find a good parking space as it is a bad one. So I'll choose to look for a good one."

The reverse of that statement is easier to understand but is framed in negative language: "The parking is so crappy here, it's just as hard to find a bad parking space as it is a good parking space. So I'll choose to spend my energy looking for a good one, not a bad one."

Do you see how this pardigm (view of life) can change the way you approach life? Even before that epiphany, I remember reading a Peanuts comic of Charlie Brown saying to snoopy, "Snoopy; If you expect nothing you get nothing!" This is SOOO true. But so is the opposite. If you expect goodness, you'll attract goodness. Because you'll find yourself in better and better environments.

I won't go into the atomic level of vibrating, but just know that you control much of your destiny.

A wise man once said, "Worrying about things I can control is called planning. Worrying about things out of my control is a waste of time." I'm paraphrasing here but the Idea is the same. I'll even take it one step further. The more you think worrisome thoughts, the more you'll attract those actions into your life. I'm not saying you can control everything that happens in your life. God gave us humans a precious yet dangerous gift called "Free Will". But I truly believe that if we choose to be positive and loving, we'll be less likely to be victims of someone else's negative free will.

So practice being positive. Listen to positive lectures. Read positive books. Quit watching depressing TV shows. Fill your life with the things that you want. And watch what happens.

Ace out......


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