Thursday, April 10, 2008


The Top 100 greatest "Rock and Roll groups of all time". ROCK AND ROLL IT SAID.
With no disrespect intended but what the hell is James Brown and Aretha Franklyn doing on this list? The "King" and "Queen" of SOUL?????? Add Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Sly, Smokey, Otis Redding,Dr.Dre, Public Enemy, eminem, NWA, RUN DMC, Howlin' Wolf, Louis Jordan, Miles Davis, Al Green, Jackie Wilson, The Temptations (although they did rock in the 70's),The Four Tops, The Shirelles, Tupac,Etta James, Martha and the Vandellas, Dianah and the Supremes and finally Curtis Mayfield to the list of those who belong on the R and B list. All of them are great talents but they would probably tell you that they don't belong on a list of Rock greats.

I also question the appropriateness of Radio Head, James Taylor, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Patti Smith, Simon and Garfunkle, Fats Domino and Bob Marley. I mean; what do they have in common with The Rolling Stones or the Beatles?

If they DID put these great talents where they belonged, they would have opened up another 30 or so spots for bands or singers that I feel didn't even make the list such as Alice Cooper,Yes, Metallica, Creedence, Kiss, The Stray Cats, Dave Edmunds, Nick Lowe, The Faces, ROD STEWART (but only before he thought he was sexy) Mott the Hoople, John Fogerty, Tommy James, Status Quo, Dick Dale, Ted Nugent, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Stevie Ray Vaughan, etc...............

Ah but I think they do it for the readership. Kind of like in the old days when Playboy Magazine use to have their all-star band that had Pete Cetera or Paul McCartney on Bass, Billy Joel on Keys, and Peter Frampton on guitar. This is the mindset that keeps me from watchng award shows like the grammies,oscars,emmies etc.....

I strongly urge you to go out and make your own list.

Here's my top 10:

1. The Stones
2. The Beatles
3. Elvis
4. The Dave Clark Five
5. The Ramones
6. The Monkees
7. Roy Orbison and the Travelin' Wilburys
8. The Jimi Hendrix Experience
9. AC/DC
10 Buddy Holly and the Crickets

Like I said, go out and make a list of your own if you don't like it.

Ace out...........


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