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The greatest world empires in history could not compare to the Roman Empire. By size and by conquership, no other country accomplished so much so quickly. I guess they lived in a time when the human mind was discovering various important characters about "self". Conquering your nieghbor took will, conquering your neighboring community took organization, but concouring a whole continent from an area the size of Florida took Will, Determination, and in this case superior military advantage. Rome trained soldiers that were stronger and more caloused than Nazis. They were Killing machines

The same can be said for the downfall of almost all of the world empires except Rome. (Greece, England,Germany) Rome never crumbled because of an opponent's superiority. Rome fell from within. Let me repeat:"Rome fell from within". Nobody conquered Rome. Nobody defeated Rome. And for those who say the Body of Jesus Christ was stolen from the grave, remember, the grave was being guarded by Roman Soldiers. Roman Soldiers were feared. They were fighting machines.

But I digress. My point is that even America by comparison can't hold Rome's jock strap when it comes to world conquest. But for all intents and purposes, America is viewed as the #1 power of planet. Just recently a report was released on the World's GNP. America was recently in the #2 spot for almost 30 years. We were recently surpassed by "China". Who's number one you might ask? Germany. They export some great automobiles. Always have. Just think for every Mercedes Germany exports you need to export 3 civics. The only way America will regain any kind of competition is to change the rules of the game. Make fossil fuel outdated. And this has always been America's strength. Innovation.

But the America of Today is not the America of 50 years ago. 50 years ago, America looked outward and welcomed the "outcasts" of other countries. "Give us your downtrodden" the lady speaks. And people came to America because of Opportunity. A chance to be equal. A chance to own your own busines or work for a large company that didn't care what you did in your time off.

50 years ago, America proved itself to be the biggest and baddest country in the world and proved it by dropping 2 simple bombs. We had brought an end to death in Europe at the hands of the Nazis and a quick end to the killing in the pacific theatre at the hands of Emperial Japan. The world viewed America with a new reverence. If a World War could be ended with 2 Bombs you didn't want to mess with that country. So America and Russia began the "Nuclear Race" But we couldn't use the Bomb in north Vietnam. You see, Vietnam was never our war. Korea was never our war. Desert Storm was never our war. (it was Kuwaits) And the current occupation in Iraq is what I see as a strategic aquisition to stabalize the middle east. I don't think it started out to be as such. I think we just wanted Saddam Hussein to roll over and let a newer freindlier government take over. But Hussein was a paper Tiger who used the threat of WMD's to his mystique. He had a large non-disciplined army (for the region) that could terrorize, rape and kill the innocent, but was no match for F-22s and Kevlar. Saddam had the killing mind of Hitler (whom he admits was one of his heroes) but the Army of a cheap third world power.

The biggest offensive pressure that came from Iraq actually came from the current administration's pundants. The Democrats. Throw in the sound bites from the hippies and you can begin to see the enemies of Rome.

Love him or hate him; Michael Weiner wrote a very profound book in 2003 called "The Enemy within". I think it could have been re-titled "Beware of the Ides of March". For those of you non-literal readers, The Ides (or middle/15th) of March was the day that Brutus was to kill Julius Ceasar.

Once our visable enemies dimish, our enemies become ourselves. If conquering America by military force is no longer an option, conquering from within is the next challenge of our enemies. And it is not a right wing conspiracy, there are those in government that would want to see America disassembled and turned into a socialist regime. Who would want to see Americans give up their rights?

1. The ultra rich, as usually they will rise to great power. And Power is a more lethal aphrodesiac than money.

2. The under achiever. Every culture has had it's drone class. America , a reletively young country had very small drone cultures because you either worked hard to survived or you died as a relust of a life of destitution. The underachieving class has aclimated to a federal or state paycheck and found joy in not working. These are the people that would have lived outside the kingdome walls and waited for "Humble Pie" to be thrown over the walls. They lived in caves and stole and robbed for a living. A part of this culture resides in penitentaries and makes no excuses about it. quote: "Hey I get three squares a day and that's more than I get on the outside". Just like waiting for the Humble pie to be thrown over the castle walls.

For those of you who don't know what umbles are, In old Englan it is the undesirable part of the animal that was caught for supper. umbles or (humbles) were usually the intestine, stomach, urinary tracts etc..... that would get boiled down and baked into a cassarole. Then the concoction was given to the outsiders as a form of charity.

So until the 21st centery, America had a thriving "middle class". But in 1990 an upper class Idea called "Outsourcing" became a reality. It was passed under the guise of N.A.F.T.A Unfortunately, along with sending American resources to 3rd world countries for cheaper labor, we sent American jobs to places like Mexico and Indonesia (where slavery is legal)

So this has added to the diminishing middle class. No longer could Joe American graduate from highschool and get a job at the plant. The plant is now in Delhi or Bombay. And if that isn't disgusting enough, some of our democratic elected officals want to award China a contract to make our defense supplies. Our land weapons, our Kevlar vests and our tanks would be made by our potential enemies. Do you see a potential "Brutus" in government?

I didn't mean to pontificate on the history of the World, but had to be framed to help you understand what I'm going pin point as the demmise of this great country called America.


I'll be back to explain it.

Ace out............


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