Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ace's Sunday Sermon - The fall of man

And it was good. That's how God described the earth in the early chapters of Genesis. When Adam and Eve walked naked in the garden of Eden, before the time of Divorce lawyers, before the time of thunderstorms, even before the time of Sin, "It was good". All Adam and Eve had to do was eat from the garden. They would live forever. It's my belief, and I could be wrong, that Eve would have given painless childbirth to Cain and Abel. But Satan talked Eve into disobeying God and she ate from the tree of knowledge. And if that wasn't bad enough, she convinced Adam to go along. This will forever be known as the "Fall of Man". As a result of Adam's sin, death became the price to pay for sin. The eco system God set up for Adam's existence had been defiled and a whole new set of rules came into existence. Needless pain and labor was the result.

Free will became man's responsibility; and curse. God no longer was man's keeper. Man was his brother's keeper. God would later send himself to earth in the manifestation of Jesus Christ to be man's only hope of an eternal after life. A life that was intended in the garden before the fall. But the price of Salvation, the price of a relationship with God, and the price of sin, is Free Will.

Free will is your God given ability to freely choose to love God; or to reject God. The same works for man. You are free to use your "Free will" to love or reject your mate. Is it any wonder that the divorce rate is greater than 50 percent? This "fall" defines the very essence of sin. Sin is living your life to please yourself with no regard for God. Righteousness is living your life to give glory to God; your maker.

When people ask, "why does God allow bad things to happen to good people"? The answer is "Free Will". Without free will, Love is not love. Without free will, obedience is not obedience. Without free will, God has no need for man. Why would a loving God allow a baby to be born without arms or legs? The answer is free will. Man's appeal to live his own life without God. Before the Fall of man, there were no bad things happening to good people. But it's the God given free will that God gave to the terrorist on 9/11 that allowed thousands to die that morning. It's a result of Sin that Hurricanes come and kill thousands. Before the time of Noah, there were no rain clouds. The land was irrigated subterraineally.

So when you wonder why you live your life in accordance with God's will, and your spouse wants to divorce you for less than biblical reasons; remember, it's their free will that God has given them to do so. Even though it's an undeniable fact that God can change the heart of anything. God is ominpotent. (all powerful) He will not take your free will from you.

BUT, there is a price to pay for using your free will against God's will. I'm sure we'll all know in 100 years. Life is not fair, but God is fair. God hates to see his children suffer the pain of another's free will, but God has said "Vengence is mine". God feels your pain and will reward those that keep his will inspite of the pain of another's free will.

God bless you all.


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