Saturday, November 18, 2006

Ace~ Visionary or Pathetic Tragic Romantic?

It's not easy being Ace Andres. I guess it's even harder being married to Ace Andres. Just ask the former and soon to be former spouse of Ace Andres. Ace is little child with dreams of greatnes and a heart that wants to be responsible and do the right thing. All the time. Why is it that life often has these two goals at odds with each other? It's a persona that really pisses off those close to Ace. Like his therapist, his best female friend, his former musicians, people that expect another album out of him yesterday, ie, his fans, and probably what is left of his relatives.

One word that accurately describes Ace is "passionate". Actually zealous might be even better. But the problem is, he's zealous without a cause. He use to be a democrat, till he started paying taxes, then he became a republican. Now he hates both the democrats and the republicans. They've both sold his country out. He loves God but wonders if God loves him.

He has memories of his parents, and memories of being a parent. Both are vague. One of the best things he credits his parents of doing for him is "making him go to church" when he was in his developmental years. It was an Assembly of God, evangelical church with lots of people falling over in the ailses. When he grew up he joined the Church of Christ where nobody falls over anywhere or anytime. He actually has preached 5 sermons. One of the best things he credits himself for doing as a parent is preaching in front of his children. He has hopes that maybe someday when his boys grow up, they'll actually grow up.

Ace sees life in conceptual terms. His life was never one of tradition (although he loves traditions) He raised himself so he has a Tarzan mentality of life. He's gone through 2 marriages, so it's easy to see that his Tarzan POV is not a conventional paradigm. He wonders where the "Janes" of the world are. He believes in right and wrong, but has real trouble with situational ethics. Since he lost his mother in the 6th grade, he suffers from abandonment panic. Because of this, he often feels he's unworthy, then overcompensates by thinking he's too good. Or at least this is the facade he wears.

How can an individual be so gifted, profound, religious, loving, passionate and creative yet live a life of misery, emptiness, failure, destruction and disappointment?

Such is Ace Andres. Visionary or Tragedy? You decide.


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