Sunday, November 05, 2006

Ace's Sunday Sermon - Humillity

And the young rich ruler went away sad as he had great possesions..............

Such was the disposition of the rich young ruler. He asked Jesus what he had to do to have eternal life. Jesus told him to keep the commandments. The rich young ruler said he had, then Jesus said, "If you want to be perfect, go sell all of your possesions and give to the poor."
(see opening line)

What a relationship with God is about is this: You find that thing in life that you're the most passionate about. If you're an artist or a musician, it's your music. If you're an investor, it's your portfolio, if you're a baseball card collector, it's means giving up your 52' mint Micky Mantle. The things we cherish most in life, God will challenge us to sacrifice. It's been that way from the beginning. God calls it your first fruits. Abel gave the best of his flock as a sacrifice to God. Cain gave whatever. God was pleased with Abel's sacrifice and this made Cain jealous. You know the rest. Cain became the first murderer in history.

What ever it is that you love so much that isn't God you must be willing to part with. If you enter heaven, you must enter alone. God wants us to have the minds of children. The innocent mind of a child. We are to be childlike, not childish. Throughout the Bible, one theme runs constant, God opposes the proud, and gives grace to the humble. The meek shall inherit the earth. Don't you dare cause one of these little ones to stumble. It's about humility.

None of God's greatest servants ever asked "What's in it for me?"

David in 2 Samual came close when he counted God's people as his. God dealt with him very harshly.

We have just this lifetime to figure out that we are here for God if we want to see heaven. It's not the other way. It never has been. If this is the only life you are interested in, knock yourself out. God won't stop you. Just keep in mind that on judgement day; every knee will bow before Christ Jesus.

The way to heaven is through the narrow gate. The way to destruction is through the wide gate. Few will enter through the narrow gate. One of satan's biggest lies is that it's easy to get into heaven. Read read read your bible people. You have to be focused on heaven. You will "Press" your way into heaven.

Am I talking about good works? No. I'm talking about faith. Faith with works. As James says, faith without works is dead.

What have you done to show God that your faith is real and strong?


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