Friday, October 27, 2006


In the 1960's, America was the world leader in export products. Our quality was inferior to none. In 2006, America sadly has become a sevice oriented country that buys it's toasters and car parts from China and Japan. In the 1960's "made in Japan" was an insult. Today Americans stand in long lines to wait for their Lexus or Acuras. As much as you may hate Walmart for the demise of the mom and pop stores, I would beg that you refocus your anger and Peking. Not only Peking but the Bush administration. It was 14 years ago that Ross Parrot talked about that loud sucking noise of Jobs being sent to Mexico. Little did he anticipate that not only would the American dollar invest in Mexico, but in China, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and you name it. The disgusting truth is; most of these countries kill Christians with impunity.

The time will come, and the time is now when we need to elect politicians that will lock our borders, Tax the over-producing slave states overseas and give American workers a chance to regain their digniy.


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