Sunday, October 15, 2006

Women I truly loved.....................

Women I truly loved:

1. Sandy 4th -5th grade. A Blonde with a frog voice. She was a smart teacher's pet and wanted nothing to do with me. But I would have taken a bullet for her. (Albeit a Nerf bullet)

2. Kathryn, 6th - 7th grade. We exchanged notes on the bus. "do you like me? I like you." She gave me her class picture. Then the school district re-structured and love came to an end. Yes, I would have taken a bullet for Kathryn.

3. Sue . College sweetheart. We did everything together. (everything) I almost got in a fight backstage at a "Y&T" concert over her. Not sure I would have taken a bullet for her, but I would have gotten a broken nose for her. I still have the Kiss "Lightening Bolt ear ring she bought me for my birthday. It was a tumultuous relationship,yet at the same time It was a great relationship. We had great times and I was the one that ruined it by getting serious. Sometimes a relationship needs to be remembered for what it was and let what could have been remain a healthy fantasy. Ya, I guess I would have taken a bullet for her but only if it were a flesh wound and a small .22 caliber.

4.Dawn. Young rebound fling after first marriage. She was a 28 year old version of Vanna White. Vanna is special in my life. A completely irrational affair that had much to do with being middle aged and stupid. Reminds me of the fabulous movie L.A. story where Steve Martin's romantic partner says:"Why didn't you tell me you had just broken up with someone. Middle aged men always date women that are much too young for them after a break up".

5. Mary. (excuse spelling) Mary was one of the smartest/beautiful women I ever dated. I would have continued the relationship with Mary but her divorce was not even final when we dated. It was a rebound affair for her. The whole time I told her it was never going to work. She didn't want to believe me. I did my best to keep her from getting hurt, (especially from me). I hope she is making some lucky guy a good wife. Sometimes it's just a matter of timing.

6. Elaine. Maybe the most destructive person to my heart that I've ever met. I met Elaine in 1988. I feared for her safety in the 1989 earthquake. We keep in touch every decade. I didn't like her at first. I was forced to work with her as "punishment". But we had much in common and she was very attractive. I grew tremendously fond of her. All I will say is, I will take many bullets for Elaine. Then get back up and take some more. In fact, I think I've got quite a collection of coronary bullet wounds.

7. Finally; Corrine. I met Corrine at Music Unlimited December 21st 2000. I didn't consider her a future spouse, but after a year of having the greatest time of my life, we married on December 31st 2001. During our 12 month courtship, it was her companionship that won my heart. We had such a great time. I was blind to anything that could have swayed me away from her.

I would endure personal torture and bullets for her. I would throw myself in front of a speeding car for her. I would give her both of my kidneys if she needed them. I would lie in court for her. I would let them transplant my heart into her body because without her, my heart would be useless.

Ace out.............................


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