Monday, September 18, 2006

Ace on Anger~Revenge~ and Forgiveness

Anger is best described as a toxin that you ingest in hopes of killing someone else. Anger is just wrong. Yet righteous indignation is good to get out. If someone is throwing rocks at your grandmother's windows, a good ass kicking might help them develop some respect for right and wrong. ON the other hand, running someone off the road and into a ditch for merging in front of you and then giving you the bird is anger and has filled many a prison cells. Anger is a cheap yet costly emotion. It's your soul's defense mechanism that is powered by insecurity. When you don't know how to respond, Anger comes in and demands respect by trying to stike fear into the unknown. Unfortunately Anger is like an air pressure hose left in the on position. After a while, the slightest sharp object can cause a break.

Revenge is the mind's insecure way of righting a wrong. It's usually best used to make a statement, such as; "We won't stand for anymore of that". A Good example of revenge is when Dolittle and his raiders flew B-25s over Tokyo and bombed the guts out of the downtown Ginza. The message was, "You'll not bomb Pearl Harbor and get away with it. Later on the Enola Gay would deliver the ultimate revenge package. But revenge is rarely needed to make a statement. That's what words are for. If someone has wronged you, locking them up in your peronal emotional jail cell only hurts you. Revenge is a dish best served cold. So you can take your time, find some slimey rock to hide under until the person who wronged you comes along and "Kabam" let them have it. Then you haven't just gotten even, you've gotten ahead. But it doesn't take any courage to hide and strike. It takes no courage to wait for the right moment. One can argue that the lives lost in the Dolittle raid were needlessly lost because of President Roosevelt's vengeful emotions. We were going to strike back at Japan but this was a staged act of revenge.

It takes real courage to forgive. When you forgive, if even just in your own heart, you free yourself from the bonds of emotional slavery that the person who wronged you tied you to. I'm not saying that consequences should never be paid, or that wrongs don't need to be made right, but at a certain point, your desire for revenge can turn into a deadly suitcase. A piece of baggage that can take you down for a lifetime.

They say that to error is human and to forgive is devine. I say, It's more than that. To forgive is go on with your life in a righteous bulletproof fashion.


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