Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The War and The Media............

Tokyo Rose is alive and well. For those of you not familiar with the person, Tokyo Rose was an unidentified English speaking radio personality that would come on Japanese Radio and try to discourage young American soldiers and Sailors in World War II.

There's a name for it: Psych-Ops.

The media has become such an uncontrolled element starting with the Vietnam War. It became truly obvious in the Persian Gulf war when we saw reporters reporting from buildings in Baghdad being bombed by U.S. Sortes.

In 2003 we became aware of the term "embedded". As the U.S. and allied forces invaded Iraq a 2nd time. Unfortunately, the embedded reporter has turned into a scumbag awaiting a possible Nobelle/Pulizer prize. Geraldo Rivera was the first to give away locations of his assignment. While other reporters went on to report acts of unconfirmed "overresponse". Currently 8 of our brave Marines stand incarcerated because of "acusations" reinforced by "embedded" reporters. Those who oppose President Bush and the war in Iraq will use these "acusations" to discredit the spread of Democracy in the middle east.

In today's battle on the Israel/Lebanon border, we are seeing Israeli locations being televised by the minute. I'm sure Hisbollah is sitting in front of CNN watching as much reconnisance as they can provide to the enemy.

In our own civil war, General (later to become President)Grant made a statement which seems to have changed by moral minded forces. He said "War is Hell". 50 years ago, this conflict would have been ended in 3 days, as Israel would have attacked Hizbollah with impunity killing thousands of civilians if neccesary. But with 24/7 news cameras present, nobody wants to be viewed by the world as a killer.

Except those that don't care. Now do you see how terrorism works?


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