Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Speaking of SEX..........

For me, I’ve always “tried” to define sex as: “The Physical Manifestation of Spiritual Unity”.  I always told myself, I would never have sex with a partner that I wasn’t willing to legally father any offspring that should result in such activity. 

I think they call that thinking with your Big head.

On the other hand, our creator endowed us with organs that would inspire us to procreate to keep the Human race from extinction.  Sometimes this would also inspire thinking with the smaller head. 

In the 60’s, the term “Free Love” became popular.  20 years later a term called “socially transmitted disease” became popular.  The truth is/was “Free Love” meant nothing more than a sexual hand shake and like the Jersey shore; cheapened man’s values of that which might have been sacred at one point.  

The next time you have sex; ask yourself if you are two spirits uniting through physical manifestation?


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