Monday, November 05, 2012

Ignorance is Bliss & Dangerous

I wish I didn't know what I know about Politics

The last 4 years have been an American nightmare.  At least for those with enough common sense to understand the economy and a modicum of foreign policy.  America has never been so vulnerable as it is today.

 The sad part is, The bad part is, The average American is to busy or to stupid to see that they are being served a bowel of Shit and Obama is calling it Ice Cream.

 The average American (That is not a high Obama donor) is being pissed on and being told it's raining.

 We are being told that the DEATH OF OUR AMBASSADOR IS NOT OPTIMAL. 

 The Ass Hole in Chief watched 7 hours of his fellow Muslims killing 4 Americans and refused to send help.

If America "Re-Elects" this despot piece of shit.  It deserves to fall apart like Russia.  If Mitt Romney is elected, He will have to pull a Rabbit out of his hat.  The way he can do that is to bring Americans back together and stop the divisiveness this punk has flung America into.

 How can Romney NOT be leading by 30 points?  Or IS HE? The networks know that their days are numbered.  They are trying their hardest to get this incompetent piece of shit re-elected, even if it means lying about the polls, Benghazi and Fast and furious.  They were quick to condemn Zimmerman as a white racist Jew.  They even TAMPERED WITH THE 911 call.  They wer QUICK TO CALL THE GUNMAN AT THE COLORADO THEATER A LEADER OF THE T-PARTY.

 The Bad guys are getting stronger in America under this president and "Joe Lunchbucket" is getting fucked. 

 IF YOU REMEMBER THE SHINING CITY ON THE HILL; GO TO THE POLLS TOMORROW AND VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY.  If you don't, please don't bother calling or e-mailing me again.  Because if this Muslim plant is given the green light to finish off this country, I won't be here.



The Choice is Easy



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