Sunday, September 30, 2012

Diggers - National Geographic

One night I was watching this strange but unique show about two guys from Montana who created a "Reality" show about metal detecting.  I saved a copy of it to show my wife how incredibly stupid yet entertaining these two yokels from Montana were. 

The show is/was called "Diggers".  The title strip was so bad, it showed their version of Beavis and Buttthead holding up a "Low budget" card board cut out of the show's Title.

The show was basically a contest of two young 20 somethings walking around with their metal detectors looking for historical/valuable artifact.  One guy would challenge the other.  The guy who dug up the least in total value, had to do something childishly stupid.  In the 2nd episode, the short chubby guy rides a bicycle off a dock into a freezing lake wearing a viking woman's dress and wig complete with horned helmet.

In the opener, the duo digs in an abandoned prison where they find spoons (for shanks) and old coins which they refer to as "Roundness".  The diggers have their own "slang" Such as "Juice" for anything they find that makes their detectors go off.  They call the good stuff: " Nectar".  If they find stuff from the civil war it's called "siv" etc.....

Apparently the National Geographic program pissed off the "National Archaeologist Association" who claim the production company did not have "Permission" to dig in an area listed as a historical site.  *Note: The show does run a disclaimer saying it is unlawful to dig in nation parks etc....

Amazingly, there was a movement started on Facebook to pull the TV show from the air.  Before I talk about what a poorly produced show this was and felt it would have died a quick death from bad ratings, let me first say that it was an attempt at creating another "reality hit" like "Pawn Stars" or "American Pickers".  Personally I really thought the show reminded me of a cross between Cajun Pawn stars and Jack Ass with real live Beavis and butt heads.

 I truly thought the show was a joke.  On the educational side, the two do a magnificent job of pointing out historical facts.  I mean, who knew that the value of a King George coin from the 1700's went for 40 bucks?   I felt the show had a good educational side to it.  Perhaps the Archaeologists wanted to smash a new hobby craze which "could" contaminate potential archaeological digs.  What price freedom?  I say to the Archaeologists and would advise NatGeo to say: "Fuck them".

But now that there is an active assault on what we can or can not see on cable TV, I'd like to see the show get it's 15 minutes of fame.  At least give it a shot to improve or sink.  I'm tired of this administration turning our media into Pravda.  Valerie Jarett can take the Montana Archaeologists and shove them up her ass.  Nat Geo has obviously gotten smack for their hit show "Doomsday Preppers" which starts out talking trash about the economy. (Truthfully I might add) It got to the point where people who were on the show started telling their true stories of how the producers made the preppers change their reason for prepping.  The majority said they saw the crash of the economy and civil unrest coming.  Not a good message when you're running for re-election.

 Kiss my ass Mr. President.


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