Thursday, March 11, 2010

LoA? ~ God's Power Though Me

For Decades I believed I had the subconcious power to control my unconcious behavior. In short, I read back in my hard partying days that if you tell yourself before you go to sleep that you're going to wake up at a certain time and feel great and jump out of bed feeling well rested, you will. And for 30 years I've always relied on this "Power" to wake me up .

This liast week I was able to test my "Power" only to be shown the power was never mine but God's power that controls all.

I've been at home with my annual ankle injury. But I've needed to be up early for appointments and such. So Monday I Told myself to wake up at 8 AM. (And I awoke exactly at 8:00 on the spot. Wednesday I had a furnace guy coming over at 8:15 so I told myself to wake up at 7 AM....
And I did. ON THE SPOT. (With No Alarm Clock)

Amazed by the accuracy of my "Intention Manifestation", last night I chose to really test "my powers". I told myself to wake up at "7:30" AM. I really wanted to see if my internal time clock could act as a "front desk wake up call, or even an alarm clock"

Here's where God enters the picture. At 7:30 exactly; Wolfgang (The German Shepheard) comes over and pokes me in the face with his cold wet nose. I look at the clock.

7:30 AM exactly. It wasn't me, it was God. (for you dyslexics I'm not saying Dog)

The message? Sometimes God gives you the power and sometimes God empowers those around you to accomplish your manifestations.

This is a good place to start if you want to venture into spiritual exploration. If you confess that all things are from God and humble yourself, you will be given a teaspoonful of power to work with.

Praise God and see what you can do with your teaspoon. Maybe God will exchange your teaspoon for a Tablespoon.

In my videos "The Thinking Stuff" and "I know like I know" I sing about the "Faith the size of a mustard seed"

I believe being able to rely on God for something as simple as helping you get out of bed at a certain time is mustard seed faith. Christ says that's all you need to move mountains.

Go out and see what you can do


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