Monday, February 15, 2010

Matt Mason episode one

It'a about the latest rocket launch from "Tehran" which intel reports is a missile platform that was purchased with oil from rogue members of the former Soviet Union. Because of the "weak" Orbit due to crude aeronauticle teechnology; the platform's orbit is unsustainable and orbiting in an erratic pattern, any attempt to "shoot it down" with a Streak Fighter F-15 will result in a massive nuclear shower.

Matt, Doug and Storm are sent in a "Special STS" mission to the moon to set up a special hacking device that must be set up on the lunar surface to maintain a steady "triangulation" which will draw the missile platform out of orbit and send it away from Earth where it can be destroyed safely.

The only "Oh crap" catch to the mission is, Jeff Long and Ace Andres (two special operatives) must go into Iran with the help of friendly Iraqi guides to access the control system of the weapon platform and upload codes to Mason, Davis and Storm. The next crisis would be that the Platform is weakening and headed earth bound with each orbit and Ace Andres (the UDT SEAL sent along for protection) must fight off the Iranian guard long enough for Long to transmit the last of the codes.

*Climax point, Ace Andres is out of bullets, there's only one Iranian special guard left who tries to apprehend Andres. Long needs 2 more minutes. Both (long and Andres) have their hands up as they're facing the business end of a Kalishnikov. The real hero is a young handsome Iraqi guide (in his early 20's)
who was actually to afraid to go into Iran with the team. He fires his 9mm which allows Long to finish the upload.

Mason gets control of the orbiting platform and diverts it elswhere, while doing this it bumps a russian communication satellite which cuts off communication in Moscow.

This creates the next "Oh Crap" moment >>>>> fade to black - roll credits.


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