Monday, November 03, 2008

Surreal Election 08 = Poetic Justice?

On the eve of the 2008 Presidential general election; only one word can truly describe this contest. Surreal. I will restate a quote I made a year ago. With the less than glowing performance George W. Bush left the office of presidency in, I predicted that "Any sock Monkey with a Jack Ass Lapel pin should be able to win".

As a conservative; I had to decide between Mit Romney(a Mormon),Rupaul, (Ron Paul, a slightly refined version of Pat Buchannon)Mike Huckabee(a great guy with no finances) and of course the war hero, John McCain. (whom I like many conservatives, turned my back on after McCain-Feingold)

By the time California voted, Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani had already thrown in the towel. So I never had the chance to vote for Fred.

I won't divulge who I voted for but needless to say, it wasn't McCain. But I have to say, win or lose; McCain became very easy to support once the DNC primaries were over. McCain fought hard. At last count, Obama had raised 604 million in contributions to McCain's 150. Every network was in the "tank" for Obama. Every cable news channel was also in the same tank except Fox.

I agree with the experts that McCain ran an outdated style campaign. (I think they used the term "an 80's style campaign) While Obama had mass communication via text message.

Obama's past came back to haunt him just at the end of the primaries. Hillary was kicking Obama all over New Hampshire. Yet Obama "limped" across the finish line as the Dem's candidate. Hillary Clinton got 18 million votes.

And Obama chooses Joe Biden as his running mate. Some say Obama never considered Hillary for fear of being turned down. Some conspiracy experts say Obama was afraid of picking Hillary because of two factors: Hillary's hunger for the presidency, and Vince Foster. To quote Dick Morris, the former Clinton staff writer, "You don't get between a Clinton and the Presidency".

Then McCain does what can only be considered a "Statue of liberty" play. He passes Mit Romney or Gov. Tim Pawlenty, the two most popular picks, and introduces America to Caribou Barbie, Sarahcuda, the reformer governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin (The only Governor known to their state by their first name who isn't named Arnold).

Sarah is an extremely intelligent woman. I am most impressed with her. If Hillary didn't like her it was sheer jealousy. The media(and I won't constantly refer to it as the Mainstream Biased Media,that's now a fact) ate Sarah for breakfast, lunch and dinner. To her credit, she stood up to all of them.

Then in October McCain's poll numbers take the lead only to be squashed by the Wall street collapse. Looking back you might ask:"Could this have been timed any better for Obama"? You could also question if it was planned. We knew it was eminent. We also knew that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac dished out the most payola to Chris Dodd(D) the Senator in charge of the treasury and the 2nd most went to Obama.

After the stock market finished it's roller coaster performance, McCain started pulling up in the polls. I noted that every time Obama gained in the polls, the stock market dropped 500 to 600 points. And the reverse was true when the Market went up, McCain's numbers rose. And then one day in Ohio, Obama went in search of a neighborhood photo op.

Meet Joe the Plumber.

Joe the Plumber = Obama the Marxist exposed.

The race tightens. (In spite of Obamamania)

Joe the Plumber becomes more popular than Joe the VP candidate. Unfortunately for Joe, the same sharks in the media unleashed their vitriol on Joe for tarnishing the halo on "the chosen one's" head.

Translated: Joe the plumber turned the race around.

I will say what many politically correct talking heads and even John McCain will not say. Obama is to be feared. (But that's a whole rant of it's own that starts with J.Wright, W.Ayers, B.Dorn, Rashid Khalidi, Saul Alinski, Acorn, Tony Rezko and the suppresed Railia Odinga, Obama's communist Islamic cousin who btw happens to be the prime minister of Kenya)

So on the eve of election 08, the race is within the margin of error. If Obama who has been measuring the drapes in the white house loses, it won't be because of a lack of financial or Media support. It will be because of the American people.

I'm sure of two things: Obama sees the election as a formality now, and if he loses, he already has his "Fraud" strategy in place. According to a statement made by Jeri Corsi, author of the book Obamination, Obama sent a letter to Odinga who was running for president of Kenya and in it was Obama's instructions for Odinga political campaign. The letter ended, if you lose, make allegations of fraud and induce chaos.

I know I'm not the only person who believes this, but I think a McCain landslide is very possible and I'll give a brief explanation.

Polls almost always favor Democrats. Polls are done on landlines. Obama is black. America is mostly white. I know that sounds racist, but ask Thomas Bradley and Lynn Swann what they think of polls. Even their opponents thought they were going to lose and ended up winning my 10 points.

Obama, in the primaries, always polled much higher than he produced.

The money curse. Although cash is a great advantage in an election for air time, the ground game and ads; history shows us that it doesn't guarantee you a victory. In 1994 Michael Huffington financed his run for the Senate in California and spent an unprecedented 28.5 million dollars. This was the most ever spent on a Senatorial race in history. He lost by 1.9%. There are other examples where millionaires tried to win a seat in politics and lost.

John McCain is the piece of gum stuck to your shoe. John is use to being the underdog. He's also use to winning as the underdog. He's also a former Veitnam POW.

I believe the stage is set for a major McCain upset victory. And not in spite of the money and the media, but BECAUSE of the money and the media.

I'm considering not even watching the election reports tomorrow as you'll remember in 2004, Kerry was popping the Champagne corks at 5:00pm eastern. You remember John Kerry don't you?

Go vote. Vote with your conscience. Vote with your brain.

Ace out...........


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