Friday, October 10, 2008

Tears of a former Democrat

Listen to this: Kennedy

In the 60's, although I was a elementary school student; I was a Blue blooded Democrat. I grew up next to Congressman John J. McFall (D)California. I saw the marches of Martin Luther King. I saw the beatings in Selma Alabama.

But I remember President Kennedy reaching out and telling America to ask themselves what THEY could DO for AMERICA.

Today I'm disgusted by Democrats. AFTER the civil rights war was won in court, the culture warriors went on to fight for other rights. Rights that are in excess and should never be. Such as Gay rights. If Gays are equal; why are special rights needed? Do we have "Black" Rights? No because to acknowledge the need for "special" rights, is to acknowledge that the group pursuing the special rights are NOT equal.

But what brings a tear to this Republicans eye is to see how the Democrats have shifted from JFK's party of "do what you can do for the country" to "Entitlements". If a foreign national can make it into our country by any means, (ill-legal) and give birth to a baby, they've hit pay dirt on the government payroll. This is NOT the Ideal JFK spoke of.

Giving special programs to the middle class at the risk of running off corporate America is NOT the Ideal JFK spoke of. If we Tax the upper 5 percent who are responsible for providing 80 percent of the jobs in America, not only will we suffer an economic crisis, but light a forest fire under the unemployment rate.

The late GREAT president Reagan took a 12 percent unemployment factor with a 14% inflation rate and a prime lending rate of 21 percent, and in 12 months cut the surplus and brought the economy back to a thriving state. He did this by giving incentives to employers. I remember the ITC. Investment Tax Credit. For every ASSET a company (no matter how big or small) bought to improve their company, they were given a 10% tax credit. And ALL interest was tax deductible.

I'm sure Senator McCain will remember these great ideas and implement them. Hand outs NEVER WORK. TEACH THE MAN TO FISH.

Ace out................


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