Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ho'Oponopono - The Video

This video is from track 3 on "7 Secret Vibrations" It is called Ho'Oponopono. The fundamentals of the Hawaiian practice is to show contrition, "I'm sorry", ask for forgiveness "Forgive Me" give thanks, "Thank you" and confess Love "I Love You".

This is a plea to the "divine" (God,source, source energy,the force, higher power,etc...)for a spiritual cleansing or healing. Dr. Hew-Lin, a Psychotherapist from Hawaii made the technique famous when he healed a whole ward of criminally ill patients/inmates without even seeing them. He accepted responsibility for their presence in his (subjective) "reality" and asked for forgiveness for his part in it.

This is my song:

Ace Out.............


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