Sunday, December 31, 2006

DECEMBER 31 2006

I won't recap this colorful year as I know you can sit and watch FOX news tomorrow and see every day on video. But I will throw a "way to go" out their for the people of IRAQ who very quickly learned the judicial system of the state of "TEXAS" . Goodbye Saddam. May you rot in hell for all of the innocent people you had slaughtered, gassed, raped, and tortured. Not to mention causing us to have to send and sacrifice 3000 of our own to go in and straighten out your hell hole.

December 31 is also my wedding anniversary. Thank you Sweetheart for spending it with me.

May everybody have a Happy New Year. Please don't get thrown in Jail tonight unless you deserve to be. So if you drink and are normally a responsible member of society, please check your car keys at the door. If you're a drunk and like to drive; please aim your vehicle at that old oak tree and not the family coming home from church services. And if you're my wife; please come back to Monterey soon.

Ace out


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