Sunday, October 07, 2007

Blog this, Freinds that, Text this, Gimme a break

What has happened in the last 2 years? It's pretty easy to see the inventors and the copycats. First it was blogging. And I felt blogging was a great way to journal without having to actually use a pen and paper. The problem is I'm way toooo honest on my blogs. But when started making it easy for people to blog, and get paid for ads, everybody offered a blog mechanism.

Then what would life be like without I use to have friends that I actually knew? Now I have almost 2000 friends. I wish they would all send me a dollar a month. Is that a lot to ask from a "friend"? Now everybody is trying to come up with some kind of server that allows you to have friends. my goodness, Youtube isn't satified just having people upload their videos, but you've got You tube friends AND blogs for the videos.

With all my friends and blogging; who's got time for anything anymore?

And is there anything left on the world wide web that isn't owned by Google? I really wish they'd stop buying servers. I'm really tired of changing passwords.


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