Monday, October 15, 2007

America's Silent Killer

It's not Heart attack. It's not High Blood Pressure. It's not Cholesterol. What is it?

PORN. Your kids will use the term pron. But since the advent of the world wide web, the Porn industry has grown from about a 500,000 a year industry to a 10 Billion dollar industy. Let me see if I can get my commas correct: 10,000,000,000.00
That's as big as the entertainment as a whole. That's more than we spend as a whole on food, clothing and Movies/CDs.

And it's grown from those cheap Ron Jeremy movies of the 80's to even cheaper MPEGS.

One of the reasons I'm encouraged to fight against the porn industry is NOT just to preserve what morals our country still has; but this industry is what causes muslims to want to see us dead. It's not that their jealous of us and our abilities to drive Humvees. Their sick of what a nation of corruption we've become. We're the fattest nation in the world and by biblical standards, the most twisted sexually.

And it's not the makers that are totally to blame. The people that send in there credit cards are fueling this industry. Even when it was a 500,000 dollar industry it kept a moral man moral. But with a click on the wrong email you could be viewing porn right in the privacy of your own home. And it's one of the strongest addictions known to man. And the Forbes 500 companies like Time Warner understand this and are fueling the fire.

I can't give you the rate of Rape cases nation wide, but in the northwest, mostly Oregon, the incident of Rape state wide went from about 40 reported cases a year to 460 after the year 2000. Of cours 1998 is the year the computer evolved into everones houshold and pushed the TV aside.

I'm urging everyone to write congress and ask them to legislate porn on the internet. Please. I'm tired of having my website or myspace site hacked.


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