Thursday, May 15, 2008

Johnny Depp, Lou Diamond Phillips, Rob Schneider and Kirk Hammet and Ace Andres

Below is an excerpt from a Yahoo Answers page:

I'm a 19-year-old male. So what, right? What if I told you I was an Arab Egyptian? I hate my ethnicity and nationality. Every part of my mental development has diverted me from my primitive culture, but I'll always be associated with it. In a country where a high school senior was sentenced to 17 years' imprisonment for putting up a gay personal and 70% of women agree that a husband has the right to beat his wife for refusing him sex.

I wish I was white. I'm ready to bleach my skin and wear blue contacts and everything to pass for one. People say I should be proud of my heritage. What's there to be proud of? My color has never been important enough to me to keep despite the prejudice, discrimination, and stereotyping I'd face once I'm out of this country. I believe in practicality. If I can't be white but can get respect by looking it, so be it.

OK, I agree this is sad. But consider the kid's age. 19. I'm guessing he's in America and is having trouble accepting his physical attributes. But let's go on.
Here's another Yahoo question on Ethnicity:

Do yo hate your ethnicity like I hate mine?
I am Chinese and my husband calls me Chink. He makes Chinese jokes and would not let me cook Chinese food inside our home. Apart from that he is a very nice person.

I can't begin to talk about this poor woman's husband. And then......... She says, "Apart from that, he is a very nice person". Now I hate stereotyping ethnic groups, but it's been said that Chinese are very polite.........

It is my belief/thought that in 20 years, there will be very few non-mixed races in America. China and Russia? That's another topic. But America was founded on immigration and "Intergration". IF you ask anyone what their ethnicity is, you'll usually get, I'm part this and part that and a little Cherokee Indian on my mom's side. (I'm joking about the last part) But the joke leads to two people you are aware of. Myself and Johnny Depp.

Here's a Johnny Depp Television interview in 2002:

Interviewer: Indian origins?
Johnny Depp: Yeah, I'm a sort of - -
Interviewer: Cherokee?
Johnny Depp: Yeah, I'm a mixture of all sorts of things.
Interviewer: German, Irish?
Johnny Depp: Yeah. Pu-pu platter, yeah. Combination of weird things. Indian, Irish, German and god knows what. Just a mutt, really.

Oddly enough I gave almost the exact same interview about 2 years ago.

But the truth is, Johnny may be hiding the truth. And so was I. Now part of the problem of being inter-racial or "mixed" is that one side wants more attention than the other. Take Tiger Woods for example. The papers continually de-blackened Tiger for years. Everytime he won a tournament his Blackness went down from .5 to .23 to .15, then his dad would show up after a win and remind everyone that Tiger was 50 percent Black. But what does that mean? Does it mean that all Blacks are great golfers? Does it mean that half African American and Half Chinese Golfers are superior? I disagree. I believe that Stereotypes have been exposed for what they are; Bullshit.

Now I'll never forget the first time I saw Joe Frazier in the 100 meter Freestyle. It wasnt pretty. But Joe Frazier was a boxer and not a Cullen Jones,Maritza Corria or Haley McGregory. All Olympic swim team contenders. All black African Americans.

The Hyphenated American
I strongly oppose one Identifying themself as a XXXXX/American. The truth is, when we started this country in 1776, the only non-hyphenated Americans were the American Natives. You remember, the ones we stuck on reservations after we took their land. Blacks or Negros or Africans don't need to bring attention to their skin pigmentation. You're an American. Louis Armstrong was as much an American as Neil Armstrong. Stop it. Damn it.

But for whatever the reason; there is a propensity for people in America to want to be white or caucasian. And moreso if the person is partially of European background.
We saw this late in the 1950's when Bob Kean changed Richardo Valenzuela'a name to Ritchie Valenz. In the his high school yearbook Jerry Rivers later changed his name back to Geraldo Rivera. My favorite comedian had a segment on his show called "Out a beaner" based on the same principal. Carlos Mencia let America know that Reggie Jackson was really "Reggie Martinez Jackson" and Nichole Ritchie was once "Nichole Escovedo"

It's sad, it's funny and sometimes tragic.

When I was 6 years old. (let's see, 1962?) I remember it as if it were yesterday, my mom (German/English and some crap about Cherokee, seriously) told me,"Never let anyone know that you're part Filipino." And until today, nobody knew. And it's even tougher because being Filipino to a degree is like being Canadian. You have French Canadians and you have English Canadian. The Phillipines was founded by Spain, yet had huge surges of immigration from China, Maylaysia, Taiwan and Austrailia. The latter being aboriginese. So my last name is Spanish. In California, Mexicans come up to me and start taking my order in spanish. (sorry for the fast food stereotype). In Florida I'm Cuban and in New York I'm Puerto Rican.

My fishbelly mother meant well when she told me to live in oppression all these years, but it just recently dawned on me that I've been living a lie. I've always told people that I have "Spanish/French" ancestory. That's what I learned when I traced the family name back to it's origin. So I guess I wasn't stretching the truth that much. But then Everybody in Mexico, Cuba, South America and New York with the same last name can make the same claim. What also blew me away was that I had freinds in school that were all caucasian that had the same last name.

( says I'm actually not French but Danish/German on my mother's side) 

One of the first things you do when you actually accept your ethnicity is check to see who else shares your country. As it turns out Lou Diamond Phillips, Rob Schnieder, Phoebe Cates and Kirk Hammet all have the same blood as I do. And I have an insider's lead that so does Johnny Depp. But if Johnny wants to be Cherokee, I'm cool with it. I have more respect now for LDP.

But you are what you are. And there's nothing in the world wrong with it. You're a creation of God. Contrary to Hitler, nobody is superior and you should love yourself no matter where your parents (or their parents) came from.

Ace Out...........


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